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Posted May 9, 2022 at 6:20 am

Hah . . . so . . . by complete coincidence, I drew this page the same day I got the news that my first (and second) Netflix development projects were getting cancelled (early November 2021). It really looks like vent art, but I swear it’s not! I write and thumbnail my pages months before sitting down to draw the final artwork. In fact, the much more painful part for me to look at is the final panell. I remember struggling through all that finicky background detail right after getting breakfast tacos and feeling saaaaaad.

I don’t think I’ve talked too much about my development projects here—when it's going well, you don’t want to jinx it, and when it’s going badly, you don’t want to look bad. Development projects die for all kinds of reasons, usually ones that are completely out of your hands, but to someone who’s never been through the process it probably looks like a personal failure. The main reason I’m talking about it now is that I am currently in very good company—Netflix has been going through A Lot this year, and just this past week they cut three greenlit shows from their roster, one of which had been in full production for months. It’s a scary time for the industry right now, and while my current development projects are still okay (for now) please send some good vibes to any animation artists in your life.