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Page 10
Posted October 28, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Those who have been following this story long enough may remember some early development art of Frankenstein climbing out a window on a bedsheet rope. I originally imagined this moment as a fully fleshed out scene in which Hyde is the one who discovers her mid-escape and the two go grave-robbing together. I realize that sounds a lot more fun than what is actually happening on this page (Jekyll having a vaguely bad time), but it was cut because A) it would have made the chapter needlessly long and B) the more obvious problem: it would require that Jekyll just kind of casually let Hyde out, which at this point in the story would be like, super reckless on Jekyll's part. There was an earlier draft where Hyde just kind of sweet-talks Jekyll into letting him out around this time in the story, but that was cut a while ago because it totally undermined Jekyll's decision at the end of Chapter 5 and it was basically just a really minor variation on how Hyde convinced Jekyll to let him out at the end of Chapter 2. The amount of times I have had to cut scenes after realizing they were just slight alterations on scenes that already existed is kind of frightening. ....with that said, now that I'm remembering it, I kind of like the idea of a casual Hyde and Frankenstein hangout. Hmm. Maybe in Chapter 9.