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Posted June 12, 2016 at 11:24 pm
This week I have to bring up something pretty serious--apologies to the vast majority of you guys who aren't involved in this stuff! Apparently someone--or possibly several someones--has been throwing some anon hate messages at a fellow webcomic artist, Midori, whose comic also happens to involve characters based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I hope this is obvious, but for the sake of being painfully explicit: I do not want anyone spreading hate or other general nastiness on account of The Glass Scientists! It freaks people out for no reason and it makes everyone here look bad! Don't send anon hate! Full stop end of story. It's nuts that I even have to say this. Now the frustrating thing here is the 'anon' part of 'anon hate.' It means I have no power whatsoever to physically stop whoever is doing this. It feels super ironic to me, because even though I'm the one who made this comic--if it weren't for me,┬áthis anon would have nothing to yell about--I am just as out of the loop as anyone here. I can get on my soapbox and yell about basic internet etiquette, but to be real with you, I feel completely powerless in the face of this random anon, which is dumb because I'm not even the one being victimized here! I'm not trying to drum up sympathy--I'm confused and powerless most of the time, I'm pretty used to it--but I wish there were something more I could do! Does anyone here know more about this situation than I do? Any intel, any rumors? Suggestions for dealing with anon hate? Let me know! And if you're afraid of posting publicly, message me on Tumblr--ideally not on anon so I can actually communicate with you. Or email. Email works. I'm glitterygothic @ gmail.