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Posted June 6, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
Jekyll is not usually the kind of guy who bitches constantly about plot inconsistencies in movies (well, plays in this case). He's normally a very polite theater-goer, because Perfect Gentleman. He only lets his nerd flag fly around his closest friends--which at this point basically means Lanyon. And probably Rachel, but I bet it would look kinda weird to take your cook out to a night at the theater. If you're a Perfect Gentleman, that is. Jekyll enjoys the theater quite a lot. These days, he hasn't the time or the money to attend, although he will on occasion scrape together time to see the most talked-about performances of the moment--the Hamiltons and Book of Mormons of the 1880s--so that he can keep up with posh folks at dinner party conversations. But left to his own devices, he still prefers the campy, over-the-top monster shows he loved as a kid. Most of them are terrible, but that's half the fun of it! Not that he has much time for fun these days, either . . .