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Page 10
Posted September 6, 2015 at 11:48 pm
Here we have our first Lodgers, Misters Bird and Archer! (Bird is the one in tan, Archer is in blue.) I feel I ought to warn you ahead of time, we're going to be meeting quite a few Lodgers in the next few pages. Don't feel pressured to memorize them all--they tend to act less as individuals and more as a bit of a hive mind. Or perhaps it would be better to say they are the rowdy children in a big, weird, happy family. Jekyll is the mom. Mum, rather. Mr. Archer is based off Bleeding Heart Kickstarter backer BlindSide, making this the third cameo of the Bleeding Heart Cameo Tier! Paraphrasing from his description, Archer is loyal, energetic, and ambitious, but also quite stubborn. He often butts heads with the much mellower Mr. Bird and prefers to spend his free time with the other young Lodgers, often staying out late on the town. In other words . . . he's one of Jekyll's problem children. Oh! A minor thing to clear up from last week's blog post--I'm not taking my vacation time until the first week in October. A few people were confused on that point!