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Posted August 30, 2015 at 11:48 pm
For those of you not in the Southern California area, a weather update: It's hot up here. It's hot and it's monotonous. I know the late August/early September time is never a pleasant time for weather, but it's a bit terrifying with the drought and climate change at all. There are no clouds and the sky is so bright and hazy and it's turned all white and seems to stretch on into an endless, Eldritch-y eternity. I can certainly see why they chose a desert climate for the town of Nightvale.  It's terrible and I hate hot weather always and wah! How still it is. How odd it is. And God it is so hot! I've got a short hiatus from my day job* and would like to take a mini-vacation to someplace with actual seasons--I'll hopefully be holing up in a cabin somewhere to force myself to finalize the scripts of this poor comic. I've heard good things about the nature-y bits of Colorado, and I am also intrigued by the Smoky Mountains (the name is cool, and it's no surprise that I like foggy things). But as a SoCal gal, I am pretty unfamiliar with what parts of the country experience actual weather. Does anyone have any suggestions for a place to see some nice fall foliage? *I'm a storyboard artist currently on the Disney show Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and every time I explain that to someone new they ask me to repeat it because it's a hard title to say and a harder one to remember. Something about the "verses the forces" part.