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Posted December 5, 2022 at 6:20 am

Well, I've got COVID! My main symptoms have been your typical flu symptoms so far--maybe a bit more exhaustion--but nothing alarming so far. However, I respectfully request that you not share horror stories or scary what-ifs at this time! I'm just trying to survive without freaking out too much.

On a more story-relevant note, I've been surprised by reactions to Jekyll's resigned attitude towards the Society in this scene. It wasn't something I thought twice about while writing, nor was it something I remember any of my beta-readers remarking upon. My intention was that Jekyll had been dreading the Society's failure for so long that, when it finally happens, it feels like relief--or at least numbness. And because he had been anticipating it for so long, he accepts Lanyon's version of events as a foregone conclusion, even though a very different story is playing out just outside. (Maybe this is a me thing? I often assume the worst possible outcome of a situation and acting accordingly for fear of getting my hopes up.) After reading through the comments, I am less confident in this writing choice, though I am curious to know if it will be more palatable once the full chapter has played out and readers can read through this scene in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting a full week between pages. I really hope it will be, and if not, I hope that adjusting his expression or softening his word choice (especially the dismissive "now that this Society nonsense is behind us") will do the trick.

On an unrelated story-relevent note, it was so lovely to hear from other mixed-race readers a couple pages ago! Hi!