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Page 06
Posted August 9, 2015 at 11:47 pm
Well, it's not QUITE Hogwarts. (Hogwarts has way better funding.) I'll have plenty more pages to info-dump all the influences and thought processes behind creating the Society for Arcane Sciences, but let's start with just what we can see onscreen--the facade*. I struggled the most with the exterior of the building. I'd been developing the Society for several years but could never quite conjure up a look for the outside of the place, aside from basic function--it had to be pretty damn big (for reasons you'll see in a couple pages). The facade uses a stately, sober Georgian design. It's a neo-classical look--basically, the same design style that informs most government buildings, especially those in, say, Washington D.C. It's handsome but decidedly conservative. Jekyll is concerned, above all else, that people's first impression of the Society be of respectability and reasonableness. But beyond the facade, he allows the building's residents more free reign--he has to, or else risk stifling their creative powers. And so there we can see glimpses of the Society as it truly is: a big, unruly pit of gears and smoke. Respectability in the front, madness in the back. So yeah, it's a rogue science mullet. *Where my Jekyll and Hyde musical fans at? Tho personally Facade was never my favorite song--I actually preferred the song Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, which appeared in the concept version of the show. I feel like it captures the same message that Facade does but with a bit more snark and lightness. Also it uses a thoroughly anachronistic but enthusiastically pronounced "bi-sexu-ellle".