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Posted August 2, 2015 at 11:34 pm
I've gotten a whole lot of asks on Tumblr requesting answers from the 'Get Inside Your Character's Head!" meme. Thanks, y'all! I've fallen rather badly behind on answering them--and on most things Tumblr-related, actually--but I hope to answer them ASAP! As long as they're not spoiler-related, that is . . . A general life update, mostly consisting of excuses: I recently moved into a new apartment that is by all accounts much nicer than my old one but that is also currently filled to near-capacity with cardboard boxes and Ikea shrapnel. Getting the place ready for human habitation has really backed up my general to-do list, and a few of the upcoming TGS pages involve a sufficient level of complexity that my comic-making schedule is taking up even more of my free time than it usually does. Between all of that and my day job, I barely have time to feel guilty about the terrible conditions of garment workers/American food lobbyists/other terrible situations hi-lighted by Netflix documentaries! In conclusion, I apologize for the fact that I haven't had time to change the icon on the Glass-Scientists tumblr from the default icon. (yes I know it takes like five minutes but seriously my to-do list is nuts right now)