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Posted January 14, 2018 at 10:20 pm
Top story this week: Body pillows! After a period of brief insanity, I am actually (sort of actually) considering making Jekyll and Hyde body pillows as a reward tier on the TGS Kickstarter. I have literally never seen a body pillow on a Kickstarter before (at least, not on a comic Kickstarter) and it is entirely possible that A) the cost of production is wildly prohibitive or B) it's not 2006 anymore and body pillows are no longer a thing the teens are into. I got some response from a post on the subject on Tumblr, but I'd like to ask here: Would anyone here buy a body pillow with Jekyll and Hyde on it? (Jekyll being on one side and Hyde on the other--idea credit to Semi) I originally got the idea to use some silly sexy art I made, but I will probably go for something less . . . shirtless, given that I see good number of parents buying shop items for their children. If it were me, I'd definitely be WAY too embarrassed to ask my dad to buy a sexy shirtless Jekyll body pillow for me, haha. (I may offer the sexy version as an add-on option.)