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Page 03
Posted January 7, 2018 at 10:20 pm
Happy late new year! My comic-related resolution this year is to start planning for the Glass Scientists Kickstarter!! I feel like the end of this chapter will put the comic in a place where I feel comfortable enough with the amount of story present to make a trade paperback (hardback??) out of it, so I'm going to start looking into the logistics!! This wouldn't be my first Kickstarter, but there are lots of things that would be unique to this one (notably: a full color and much longer comic) and which I would like to tweak from the last one (having less than 1 billion types of rewards to ship out would be nice). Also I would really really like to revisit some of the earlier pages and make them a bit less icky for me to look at, but that may be a bit of a rabbit hole, haha. Shop update!: The holiday season was a bit more hectic than usual this year. Unfortunately I've now caught two errors I've made in orders during that time--if there was any trouble fulfilling your order, please let me know! Also: I don't like to throw compliments at myself, but the fact that I managed to get a page done with four unique locations and color scripts (most of them wide shots) plus those weird (and painfully on-brand) Hyde effects while also packing for a con . . . feels very satisfying to me. I seriously doubt I would have been able to pull that off two years ago.