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Posted April 24, 2016 at 11:42 pm
I meant to post this last week (but was lazy), but my version of Dr. Lanyon is largely influenced by this passage of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: "This was a hearty, healthy, dapper, red-faced gentleman, with a shock of hair prematurely white, and a boisterous and decided manner. At sight of Mr. Utterson, he sprang up from his chair and welcomed him with both hands. The geniality, as was the way of the man, was somewhat theatrical to the eye; but it reposed on genuine feeling. For these two were old friends, old mates both at school and college, both thorough respecters of themselves and of each other, and, what does not always follow, men who thoroughly enjoyed each other's company." He shortly thereafter uses the word "balderdash." I love this guy! Speaking of balderdash, I want to pepper Lanyon's dialogue with little foppish Victorian-isms, but since I have not studied the subject extensively, I want to know: What are some of your favorite silly Victorian words? Let me know and I will do my best to work them into his dialogue.