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Posted July 5, 2015 at 11:37 pm
We're starting off with a tiny bit of Jasper backstory! Jasper has evolved enormously over the course of developing The Glass Scientists--originally, he wasn't meant to have much of a role beyond what you saw in Chapter I, but he kept inhabiting little nooks and crannies of the story as I worked through my second and third drafts, and now--well! I suppose you will see what kind of role he's grown into. I've also noticed we got a Jekyll/Jasper shipper in the comments last week! Delightful! I've seriously held onto that "mad scientist-y laugh" fake-out gag for like five years. I just really like the joke of "reference this really cliche genre trope, then be all like 'lol jk'." I'm convinced it's charming and hilarious despite the fact that no one else has ever found it remotely charming and hilarious. Either that or I've never actually tried to pitch the gag to anyone else and have just been replaying it in the echo chamber of my brain. One of the two. IDK. I hope it's not so weird that it kills the whole comic for you. Also, a quick con announcement-- I will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I will be sharing a booth with LAVAPunch on Saturday and Sunday only! con_booth_location_SDCC