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Posted October 17, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
Normally Hyde is much better at faking his East London accent, but he's a little out of it right now. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with cosplay advice! A couple updates on that front: I received a big peter pan collar that fit almost perfectly around my dress. I attached it yesterday--there's a bit of extra fabric around the back, and I may or may not attempt to alter the collar later on? The tights and boots continue to be a hellish puzzle for me. I bought some red and white striped tights and some Rit dye only to realize too late that the tights were made of polyester, which may or may not be an evil, un-dye-able material? As for the boots, my current plan is to use masking fluid to mask off the purple parts of the boots and to use spray paint to add in the white details, but even the plastic-friendly spray paint I ordered seems to produce tiny tiny cracks when I bend the rubber too far. I'm nearly done making the wand, though, and I'm really terrified of breaking it! Here's a WIP of the paint job. star-wand