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Posted October 9, 2016 at 11:20 pm
If not for the bloodcurdling scream, Jasper and Rachel might have sat on the rooftop in awkward silence until one of them died. (For different reasons, though. Jasper is truly inexperienced with romance and Rachel, an otherwise Strong Independent Woman, gets easily trapped in the romantic convention of female passivity.) Oh my God! Cosplay is hard! For Halloween I am trying to dress up as the main character of the show I work on, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I thought it would be easy! It is not easy. I tried dying the stripes of her leggings and ended up dying every surface in my house pink (and ruining the tights, obvs). I tried sewing a Peter Pan collar onto the Modcloth dress I bought, but the dress is inexplicably made of Neoprene, the heavy-duty fabric they use for divind suits, and it resists all attempts to modify it. My bedroom is a hellscape of half-used, useless crafting supplies, and literally everything I've tried to do with them has failed horribly. Any cosplayers in the audience? Help?