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Posted May 2, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
Do you guys remember this?? About a year ago (or, less than a day ago, in comic time), Jasper was chased into a dead-end alleyway displaying a grungy poster with a crazy-looking guy on it. I mentioned, while staring into the void that was the comic's ever-increasing release timeline, that you might want to remember this poster. And guess what! Here it is again! I am doubtful this kind of theater facade actually existed in the late Victorian era. Big, bold advertisements were popular back then, but the Victorian idea of good marketing was less about eye-catching graphics and more about WORDS!!! LOTS OF WORDS!!! ALL CRAMMED TOGETHER!!! WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! That look really didn't play well for this particular reveal, so I designed the Diodati theater to be a bit more . . . Broadway-y. I still like the design, though. ALSO: You can get your very own silly mad scientist poster, right here on the TGS online shop!!