Shop update: We are all out of Lanyon charms! I will be putting in a new order soon.

Second shop update: I received an email from a customer saying that her charm broke during delivery. I’ve never heard of this happening before, but it got me worried! I generally package my charms very simply (bubble wrap + envelope) and it’s worked fine so far since the charm itself is quite sturdy (I’ve had mine banging around in my purse for several years and haven’t noticed any damage), but if anyone else received a broken charm, please tell me and I will refund you.

Uh! So, I could have done a better job setting up Frankenstein’s backstory. There have been a lot of scenes where characters talk about what did or did not happen in Frankenstein’s life, and how her real life matches up to the story in The Mad Galvanist (the equivalent of the real-life novel Frankenstein). Only I never clearly explain what happens in The Mad Galvinist! People who have read the novel Frankenstein will be able to follow along, but for those who haven’t, a super short, summary. (Necessary) spoilers!:

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