Jekyll was strategically avoiding eye contact with Lanyon, but he was also getting distracted by the big dumb shiny play.

The truth: I learned how to make webcomics in an era before even Smackjeeves was a thing. There are a lot of newfangled webcomic doohickeys I don’t know about. For instance, I didn’t know about Top Webcomics! I think it’s a place where people can vote for comics they like, and I think they can vote once a day? There may be more to it than that, but I don’t know what. Anyway, would you like to vote for The Glass Scientists? If so, click here! 🙂



Are there more webcomic things I don’t know about? I bet there are. If you know about any, please let me know! I’m eager to learn!

Real Life Time: Ohmigod I am so sick. I mean, I am actually in recovery right now, but this past week was the worst. I couldn’t take time off work (or this comic) because the schedule is so tight right now, but I was working twice as slowly because of headaches, coughs, and general grossness happening everywhere. My head is too foggy to make clear decisions, which is a problem because this weel I had a lot of important creative decisions to make.  Most of them are work related, but I also needed to figure out the layout to Rachel’s kitchen.

I’ve had a clear idea of what that location would look like for years–warm, cosy, packed full with interesting and historically accurate details–but fate determined that the day I had to make the final calls about this important location was a day when the only thing I could coherently think about was how much I wanted some orange juice. So maybe Rachel’s kitchen will just have a lot of oranges. We’ll see.