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Page 31
Posted July 22, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Werewolves are common knowledge in the world of TGS, but I don't think Jasper's weird "oops! messed up the wolfsbane" wolf-head mutation is particularly well known.  By the way, I didn't plan for Jasper to appear quite so often in his half-wolf form?? But I made the decision that, in his current, mutated form, any presence of the moon at all causes him to half-transform, and so much of TGS happens at night . . . To clarify from last week's page: the green-tinted panel is a flashback, but it's not a reference to Bleeding Heart. There are references to Bleeding Heart in this comic, but you mostly just need to know that at one point, Jekyll met a werewolf named Morcant, and Lanyon felt weird about it.