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Posted March 4, 2019 at 2:34 am
Jekyll: *having a wistfully romantic moment full of shoujo sparkles and soft lighting* I remember the first time Lanyon-senpai . . . noticed me– Jasper: *kicks down the door* I HAVE ANXIETY Lanyon and Jekyll’s relationship is the thing that has changed the most–and changed the most recently–during the writing of this comic. Originally their romantic history together was going to remain unmentioned until late into the comic for reasons I assume made sense at the time, but also, on some level, it had just never occurred to me to weave it into the story. Romantic subplots are things I tend to think about a lot in my spare time but I never seem to actually follow through on. Let’s see if I can do a better job this time! Also Shoujo sparkles are fun to draw. And pinkish soft lighting with soft edges makes things look nice. I wish I had the opportunity to do more stuff like that. I’m usually not super great at pushing the color and design work of a sequential image to reflect the characters’ emotions. I want to do it more, though (I say, having designed a schedule that allows for very little creative wiggle room). I really like comics and animation that can elegantly go off model–whether from the model sheet or the color script–for emotional emphasis.