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Posted April 2, 2017 at 11:23 pm
Hey guys! I'm back from Wondercon and will be posting new Glass Scientists merch to the shops soon! I just need to clean up the huge mess I've made in my apartment while prepping for Wondercon and . . . that may take a while. I'm also extra busy because we're about to wrap up production of season 3 on Star--I have a work-related announcement that I'm really excited about but I don't wanna say just yet! (I don't want it tacked on to the end of an exhausted post about con stuff, anyway.) In the meantime, here's the second new poster I've made for The Glass Scientists! I realized I hadn't made any art featuring the full main cast, so I decided to change that (okay, so most of them are in Spooky Silhouette, but still). I was hoping to achieve a bit of an anime poster look--I hope you like it!