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Posted November 15, 2021 at 6:19 am

In anticipation of the holidays, I am restocking my shop! There's fresh charms available, including a new human Jasper charm! 

Longtime readers will know I am woefully slow updating the shop, and I've only gotten slower over the past six months while  on an intense development schedule with Netflix. It looks like that schedule will be slowing down in 2022, and I'm hoping to get more time to devote to the comic. Most of that additional time will probably go to getting more pages done, but I would love to be able to produce some new merch--I would really love to have some fresh prints or charms up there . . . 

Lanyon's fiancee Everly gets only a brief appearance here, but she has a larger presence in Chapter 12. Despite Lanyon's dismissive (and fairly inaccurate) description, she does not always look this pissed off.