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Posted February 10, 2019 at 10:20 pm
I try not to be the kind of writer who approves something at script phase but later, when dozens of people have poured months of work into bringing that script to life, say something like, "Huh. Well, it made sense in the script, but now that I'm seeing it . . . it doesn't. Let's scrap it and start from scratch." But . . . Here, I envisioned a panel where Jasper shocks Jekyll with the sheer chaos of his laboratory filled with supernatural creatures. But when I actually drew the thing I immediately said, "Oh. This is like, animal abuse." Jasper should not have so many animals in one room! Let's say that, for the most part, the creatures are allowed to move about the Society as they please (unless a specific Lodger doesn't want them in their lab). They just come back to Jasper's room at feeding time. Yeah, let's say that.