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Page 23
Posted June 21, 2015 at 11:37 pm
And with that, we finish up Chapter One of The Glass Scientists! Hooray! Thank you to everyone who's turned in during this first small chunk of the story. I am aware--achingly, heart-wrenchingly aware--of how hard it is to follow a serial comic that only updates once a week, and I am so grateful for your patience. I would kill to be able to update more quickly, but balancing a full color comic against my day job (I work as a storyboard artist) makes for . . . hella work hours. I'm also admittedly a pretty slow drawer of comic book pages. It takes me a full work day (generally, a weekend day) to rough out a single page and prep it for inking, and I understand that some comic artists can work a lot faster. I've asked this a couple times before on Twitter, but if anyone here has any advice on how to draw (comics) faster, please enlighten me in the comments! Speaking of comments, you may have noticed that I've decided to switch to Disqus. The response last week was overwhelmingly in favor of Disqus, with only (I believe) two wibbly-wobbly responses. If anyone has serious trouble getting this new comment system to work, please let me know, but for now I hope you enjoy!