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Page 20
Posted August 21, 2016 at 11:17 pm
Given the confusion over the last page, I get that it totally looks like Rachel pushed Hyde out of some ten story window. That is not what happened! Here is what happened: Rachel pushed Hyde out of the kitchen which, like many Victorian kitchens, was located on the bottom floor of the building, just below street level. Then there was a time cut, during which Hyde climbed several staircases, scaled several walls, and ran across several neighborhoods worth of rooftops to get to where he is now. Here is what also happened: I originally drew additional background elements into the Rachel-pushing-Hyde panel to clarify that they were below street level. Then I erased them because I thought they weren't necessary, and besides, what's the big deal? I need to stop obsessing over little details and just focus on the big picture! Then I read the comments and realized that it was a big deal. I will draw those back in eventually. I hope. A note on the second panel: Whenever I draw Hyde interacting with a lady friend, I make a point to show that she's having a good time. She probably bought him that drink. This is a sexual-violence-free story! A note on the third panel: I have written lots of bits where Jekyll butts in on Hyde's silly monologues, but they keep getting cut for time. I'm not sure this was the most elegant way to insert this bit, but here it is.