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Posted July 8, 2024 at 6:20 am

Hyde will probably suffer some nasty side effects from whatever chemicals he's breathing in here, but I suspect that, in the final analysis, it will be difficult to distinguish the dangerous chemicals Ito has has administered to him here from the dangerous chemicals he breaths in on a regular basis walking around 19th century London.

Last week, I had a break from my day job. To be more precise, my day job decided to lay off all its employees for a week to avoid having to pay for the 4th of July holiday, but I'll take any opportunity for a break from work. When I first heard about this break, I envisioned a week of luxurious relaxation, but inevitably the bulk of that time went to comic work, with a bit of development freelance on the side. I did get to go camping with new work friends the first weekend, though. Work has been frustrating in many ways over the last couple years, and this particular job has been challenging in ways I had not yet encountered in my career, but I'm glad it can at least serve as a new friend generator.