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Posted June 3, 2024 at 6:07 am

Poor Lanyon thinks Henry is dealing with a routine case of internalized homophobia when, in fact, he's just doing his best not to projectile vomit green science goop all over his boyfriend. Happy Pride, everyone!

We had a nasty eight-hour-long power outage last week, during which I learned that my garage's electric door opener locks when closed, meaning that I could not leave. And then the coyotes came! The coyotes were cute and harmless to me, an adult human (note: hope this post ages well), and a neighbor lent me a lantern so I could wander around my pitch-black home like an Emily Bronte character, so I was able to turn it into a bit of an adventure. But I am not lowering my garage door until that part comes in because there is something very unsettling about being trapped in a small room as the daylight slowly dwindles from view.