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Page 14
Posted October 4, 2015 at 11:42 pm
Fun game: track Jasper's facial expressions across the last few pages as he transitions from "delighted" to "still delighted, but kind of overwhelmed" to "wow, um, this is great, but can I sit down for a second?" Miss Lavendar is based off my friend Kate of the Gravity Falls crew! That is not her bunsen burner. It is not a bunsen burner at all, in fact. The compositions of these next two pages are about to reach peak clutter--the idea of a room with a bunch of possessed objects floating around Haunted-Mansion-style SEEMED fun, but in practice it just provided an outlet for my anxiety that says: "I'm not working hard enough, and a good way to be a better worker is to fill up each page with massive amounts of pencil mileage." I think a similar thing happened to George Lucas when he learned, "Now you can use CG on everything."