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Posted October 9, 2023 at 8:47 am

Two big things!!

1) This is your LAST DAY to submit your pre-order gift request forms!! If you pre-ordered The Glass Scientists: Volume I, you MUST submit this form to receive your gifts, otherwise I don't know who pre-ordered!

2) Would you like to join The Glass Scientists: Volume One Street Team?? It's a group of readers who help spread the word about a book via reviews, social media, library requests, and personal recommendations!

I also thought it might be fun to have "rival" teams competing to see who can recruit the most members and get the most buzz going. (It could also be total chaos lol. It's an experiment!!) Everyone who joins will receive an exclusive lock screen to show off their team allegiance. I was thinking of doing the Barbie/Ken-in-jail meme I posted about a couple weeks ago, but ultimately I decided to do a more *bishounen* version of the the angel/devil theme I used in the pre-order bookmarks:

I can be your angle . . . or your devil . . .

CLICK HERE to learn more and get your Team Jekyll or Team Hyde lock screen!!