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Posted February 25, 2018 at 10:20 pm
One of my favorite stories based on Jekyll and Hyde is Stephen Moffat's 2006 miniseries Jekyll. It's probably obvious, knowing my preference for campy, silly Hydes--the point at which I was like, "Yeah, I'm into this" was when the show's Hyde greets his young assistant Catherine by ringing the doorbell and immediately faceplanting on the floor in front of her. I'm not down with every aspect of the show (without getting spoiler-y, the twist?? involving his wife?? is nutso??) but it's fun! But I was having some trouble getting into it on my latest rewatch. I hadn't seen the whole thing in five years or so, and this time around, a lot of Hyde's interactions with women in particular feel pretty weird. When I first watched the show, I remember being relieved by how it portrayed Hyde and sex--as opposed to a lot of Hyde incarnations, where implied or explicit sexual assault (or general violence against women) is used as a sloppy shorthand for "oh, he's a bad guy, a bad bad guy," Moffat's Hyde toys with women but never graduates to anything physical. Watching it now, though, I can't help but find it, um, a lot less cute. I still think it's way better than the alternative of "Hyde kills a bunch of faceless prostitutes because he's Jack the Ripper or whatever" but it's still playing on assumed heteronormative power dynamics that I just don't wanna fuck with anymore. Hoping I can still enjoy the show despite that, though.