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Posted November 20, 2016 at 10:26 pm
NOTICE: The Glass Scientists shop will be closed from December 23rd-January 1st! If you are planning on making orders for the holidays, please do so before that date! I also personally recommend ordering at least one week before Christmas to allow for shipping time in the US. For those of you waiting to hear what Jekyll's reaction would be . . . it's Business Excited. Jekyll is really Business Psyched about all of this and he's spent this entire chapter so far quietly brainstorming the best slogan for last-minute Exhibition flyers. Jekyll is maybe a little detached from his emotions. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a pair of size 7 purple rainboots to give away. A few people expressed their interest, but I had a hard time following up, since there's really not a good way to direct message people through the Disqus comment system (or if there is, I sure don't know about it). If you are still interested, please send me an ask on Tumblr! Note: The rainboots fit pretty snugly on me and would probably fit a 6 1/2 size as well. They're also pretty slim in the calves area--personally, my legs were a bit too thick to wear them, so they're basically brand new!