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Page 09
Posted August 20, 2017 at 11:14 pm
Call-out post: Me. I'm not at all confident that the this local police office would have a basement jail house like the one Brokenshire and Jekyll are walking towards. Research is consistently a weak point for me, and to be super honest, I wasn't sure how to go about researching "hey so what did police stations look on the inside in 1880? and not like, fancy ones, just real basic police stations." Aside from, you know, googling various permutations on the above sentence. I did have image reference for the upcoming pages, but the basic idea of "eh, why not basement jail?" came from a short comic called The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, a sort of Silence of the Lambs meets Jack the Ripper kind of Jekyll and Hyde story. It's also totally a buddy comedy--I mean, it's not a comedy at all, but sometimes when a story is really serious but you have one really over the top character who's evil in a silly way, my brain breaks and registers the entire thing as hi-la-ri-ous? I think it's a good story, but it also happens to hit a lot of the tropes that I already happen to like, so take that with a grain of salt. If anyone's read it, please tell me your thoughts!