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Page 08
Posted October 14, 2018 at 11:20 pm
In the spirit of the Halloween, I recommend checking out my friend Karyn's audio drama, The Dracula Files! It's a modern-day rendition that cleverly adapts the original epistolary format of the novel to modern day technology. It's a style of audio drama makes you feel very present with the action, similar to some of my other favorite podcasts such as Alice Isn't Dead and Homecoming. Check it out! Boy, this sure was one of those pages!! One of those pages where I wish I had a production designer who could take my vague notions of "an infinite, impossible library of reflective marble that's kinda Escher-y but, you know, not TOO Escher-y?" and make it into something as cool looking as the script calls for. As it is, when asked to come up with something that looks cool, my brain peaks at "objects floating at unexpected angles".