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Page 07
Posted May 22, 2016 at 11:19 pm
I'm almost certain that the lighting is impossibly bright in this theater. Er. Maybe not on this page specifically, but on the surrounding pages there is some spotlight action that would surely make the Dowager Countess squint. This is probably historical error? I mean, I know they had to light stages somehow, and usually when I see old-timey theaters portrayed in films, they have enough lighting so that not everything looks all dim and Dickensian, but I'm almost certain there couldn't be directional spotlights strong enough to cast distinct beams. I'm not super psyched to have an anachronistic stage design here by accident--as opposed to the conscious design choice to make the theater facade more modern--but I may leave it? There are, at least, plenty more continuity and detail errors that I would have to fix first before this comic goes to print. Also, a lot of people volunteered to be beta-readers last week, which is so generous! I haven't decided what route I'm going to go with beta-reading this next chapter, but even if you don't hear from me I wanted to say thank you to everyone. :)