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Posted July 23, 2017 at 11:18 pm
Panel 2 is a reference to a silly beat from Bleeding Heart. Lanyon coaches Jekyll on how to appeal more to the stuffy, vapid aristocrats at a family party and the implication is (or is intended to be, anyway) that Jekyll learned his whole "perfect gentleman" routine from Lanyon. Pre-Lanyon Jekyll was a lot more earnest and un-self-aware. IMPORTANT PLANT UPDATE: A lot of you wrote in with advice regarding my purple shamrock! I decided to add in some fertilizer sticks and tried to monitor the moisture levels in the soil. But . . . it's totally not working, and unless the effects of fertilizer take several several weeks to emerge, the poor guy seems to be doing even worse than before. I'm concerned that during the month it was kept outside, some irreparable harm was done to him. It's a bummer, but thank you for all the advice anyway!