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Page 04
Posted September 16, 2018 at 11:18 pm
The new acrylic keychain charms have arrived! I still need to put them together but I'll be updating you guys on when it's all ready to go! I've got a bunch of new designs in, but they're a very limited run, so be sure to keep on top of the updates if you want to grab one! I don't believe Strange Case ever gives a clear reason for why Hyde picks the name "Hyde" for himself. Within this comic, it's fair to say that he named himself after the park in some capacity, although why he did so is the result of a wild, novel-length stream of consciousness thought train that took place place in the roughly two seconds after he says "it's" in panel 2. Also please bear witness to my desperate attempt to cram this very lengthy explanation of slumming into one half of a comic page. I have an animation background; word bubbles are always going to be something of an enigma to me.