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Page 03
Posted July 19, 2015 at 11:26 pm
Were-Jasper* digivolves to . . . Regular Jasper! A quick note for readers! A few people commented that they had a difficult time identifying the speaker in several speech bubbles in the last two pages in the comic. For your aide--and I realize this is a bit silly looking--I've added little indicators into the troublesome panels. If you've been having trouble following the story, I recommend now beginning at the start of Chapter II--it's only two more pages! There's a bit of tricky story mechanics involving Jasper's transformation. Because of the "wolfsbane poisioning" Jekyll mentioned here, his physical form is now slightly unstable--especially in his wolf form. Whereas most werewolves only transform at the full moon, Jasper transforms during any night a moon is clearly visible, and his wolf form tends to wobble back and forth between various combinations of -wolf and were-, hence the sudden transformations and half-wolf forms we saw in Chapter 1. But now that it's daylight, he can finally transform back into his more stable human form! *Were-Jasper doesn't really make sense tho. The 'were' of 'werewolf' means 'human' so it actually means the opposite of what I meant it to mean. But I was sort of referencing Were-garurumon which . . . dangit, it actually makes sense in that case because Garurumon by himself is a wolf, so nevermind.