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Posted February 3, 2020 at 3:18 am

Before the comments, I have a few bookkeeping matters to attend to:

1) I think I managed to redirect the old RSS feed! So readers who were still using the old RSS feed should be able to access the new RSS. But since I don't really know how to use RSS feeds myself, could someone test it out for me? The old URL is here. Please click on it and tell me if it works! . . . but please use the new RSS feed link in the future.

For new readers, the new RSS link is below (also linked in a gold icon to the right of the comic):

2) I very commonly receive the reader question: "When does this comic update??" The answer is in the FAQ page already, but now it is also slapped on the very top of the comic layout!

3) I added a link to my Instagram! I'm going to try to add more supplemental TGS art there this year, so please give it a follow! I also added a link to my portfolio website (and hub for my entire internet presence), but only because I wanted an even number of buttons.

Now onto the page itself:

SO . . . LOOK . . .

This is the problem with setting up a story mechanic like, "Until he gets his antidote, Jasper turns into a wolf-headed creature every night." When I wrote this scene, I knew Rachel was going to try to make out with Jasper, but because this scene also had to take place at the same time Hyde escaped, it had to take place at night. Meaning Jasper would have the wolf head. There was probably a way to write around this, but I just . . . didn't. No one stopped me, and now this happened.

To be clear: I don't think Rachel would actively seek out a scenario in which she was making out with a wolf, but like . . . she's not gonna turn down an opportunity for a make-out session just because her intended partner happened to be temporarily inhuman. Rachel gonna get what she wants.