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Posted August 7, 2023 at 6:20 am

I've been sifting through my old college and recent-post-college art in search of old TGS art for Volume II and, among other things, I am finding almost perfect recreations of early scenes from the comic that I had fully forgotten about. There's a few cute Rachel/Jasper moments, as well as some Rachel/Hyde moments (Rachel has the clearest shape language and was featured in one of my student films, so there's a lot of her). What's frustrating is that I've barely been able to find any art of Lucy that remotely resembles her current incarnation. She might have been a character I thought a lot about without actually drawing, but I had such a specific vision of her hair in particular that it seems implausible that I wouldn't have drawn it at least a few times.

Unfortunately, when you organize your art like I did, a lot of pieces just get lost to time. Don't drop all your drawings in giant, ill-defined Photoshop files with a hundred hidden layers!