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Posted August 26, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Hi! It's Chapter Seven! A few people didn't remember Lucy when she appeared at the end of the last chapter--I hope Lanyon's quick summary will help jog your memories, but if not, she's the one Hyde is gushing about in his conversation with Rachel back in Chapter 3. Her wanted poster also appears in Chapter 1. I just finished the Area X trilogy and I mentioned it before, but seriously, it's super good. It's like . . . biology horror? But it's also very relaxing and chill (especially if you get the audiobooks)? I realize this sounds like an ad for Audible, but this series literally did make me look forward to doing the chores so I could listen to more of it. But the jacket design on the hard copy is also real cute and I want it. *grabby hands*