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Posted September 28, 2020 at 3:26 am

Lucy was not at the Bazaar during the raid. Like a verteran Comic-Con exhibitor, she USED to be able to handle all the late-night events, the parties, the day-long lines for Hall H, but she's done it so many times, the place has lost its allure. And besides, her back hurts. She popped in early on in the evening, did the rounds at the Exhibit hall, met up with a few friends, then went back home and got into her jammies. 

I'm still experimenting with my color technique, looking to make the comic feel more vibrant and consistent without losing the....kinda glow-y look I go for with lighting. I liked how this page came out enough that, when I opened it again to upload it, I stopped halfway through to start coloring the next page right away. And then!! I couldn't replicate the look!! Granted it's past midnight now so maybe I'll figure out how to fix it tomorrow but if not, take a good long look at this page, because it's the only good looking page you're gonna get this chapter!!