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Posted February 12, 2015 at 10:58 pm
So! it's been a long time since I've had to write presentable prose. I've been developing this story as outlines and rough drafts for a couple of years now, which is super refreshing, but you get used to writing things like, "The narrator says a bunch of poetic stuff about London.... TBD." I don't write poetic things in general, and even though it's meant to be a bit pretentious and try-hard-y, there' a fine line between "intentionally pretentious to convey a character's point of view and personality" and "actually just pretentious." Color was really important to these two opening pages--I wanted to create a vibrant, surreal palate to introduce us to London, or at least the version of London as seen through the eyes of one particular character. I don't really consider myself a colorist (I don't think anyone can, when working alongside the crew that designs the amazing background work for Gravity Falls), so I asked Mickey, creator of the comic Best Friends Forever to do an initial color script for me. Then at the end I ended up tweaking and fussing with pages 1 and 2 a whole lot because Self Doubt and Nitpicking--which probably shows.