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Charity Drive Day!
Posted December 1, 2016 at 8:11 am
Let’s help fight mental illness with SCIENCE!! JOIN THE LIVESTREAM NOW AND DONATE! :) 2016 has been a rough year! And it’s been even rougher on folks who are already struggling with mental illness. That’s why, this Saturday, I am hosting a  live draw-and-chat session to benefit the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, which funds scientific research on many mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I’ll be drawing your requests and raising money for charity on! Here’s how it works!! –Early bird: The first three people to make a donation will receive a free sketch! –After that, I will enter all donors into a raffle and try to get through as many sketches as possible in the next three hours (or until my hand gives out!) –Those who donate a little more (50$ or more) are guaranteed a sketch even if I don’t get to it that night! The livestream will be here (but there’ not much to see there right now!) On Saturday, there will be a link to where you can donate. :) I'm still getting that set up! Please join me! I would love to see you there!