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Page 03
Posted July 10, 2017 by Sabrina Cotugno
This page includes a last minute panicked dialogue edit in response to a comment by Miscreant_Mutt: Why can't they just blame everything on Moreau? Sure, Moreau embodies every stereotype the Society wants to avoid at all costs, but couldn't Jekyll spin this in their favor, somehow? Maybe they could convince the public that London needs 'good' mad scientists like the Society for Arcane Sciences to protect them from 'bad' mad scientists like Moreau? It's a good question!  In the final draft, there are a few plausible reasons to avoid Moreau: You could argue that Moreau would have never come to London in the first place if it weren't for the Society. You could argue that trying to insist that your mad scientists aren't the bad kind of mad scientist would backfire or just wouldn't be convincing to an antagonistic public. You could argue that, even though Moreau isn't exactly like the Lodgers, they're still too close for comfort, and Jekyll would prefer to give him as little attention as possible. But there's honestly not really a perfect reason, and I'm sorry about that! I think I had a stronger response to it in an earlier version of this chapter that got cut at some point (this chapter went through a lot of rewrites).