Mr. Luckett is the last of our current batch of Kickstarter cameo rewards, based off backer Donald Elson! He told me his character has a habit of blowing up his house, has perennially singed clothes, and often says, “Every challenge has a solution no matter how unlikely the solution is or how bad the problem is. So… Chin up.”

I pushed the bit about him having perennially singed clothes to him being perennially on fire* and made the bit about blowing things up an integral part of his profession (Zack suggested “detonative”). He was originally going to be a kind of chemist, but as we already have two neoalchemists–Jekyll and Ito, whom we’ll meet in a minute–I wanted something different. Homeopathy, the (thoroughly questionable) practice of using less and less of a thing in the hopes that it will have more and more of an effect, seemed like the most ridiculous possible thing to cause an explosion.

I’m a little wobbly on the decision to call him a Homeopath, tho. While it is a certified Old Timey Silly Science, homeopathy does still exist today and I don’t want to give anyone the impression that it’s a good thing that you should totally try. DISCLAIMER: Real homeopathy doesn’t work, except by the placebo effect. Don’t use it for medicine or for blowing stuff up!

*which is just one of the many charming ways  I kill jokes by pushing them just a bit too far!