Surprise! Turns out Hyde’s color scheme looks friggin’ ridiculous in bright lighting. Honestly every panel this jerk shows up in during this scene was a huge drama to color. I really enjoy writing light character scenes for Hyde, and he’s a lot more fun to draw for comedy, but for some reason when I color him?? He looks so bad?? And if he looks anything besides bad on this page it’s because I spent hours tweaking the crap out of his colors.

My birthday is this week! It’s the 27th of July and I will be 26. I’m not expecting to do anything too fancy–my current plan is to do a trip out someplace nice to catch some Pokemon, unless: A) Pokemon Go crashes forever before then or B) the Huntington Gardens catch fire.¬†Either is a serious possibility and I should probably come up with a Plan B! I don’t have a Plan B right now. My life is a mess.