This scene was originally much longer and established the Lodgers’ relationship with Lanyon–which is not quite as amicable as their relationship with Jekyll–but it got cut almost entirely for time*. We still haven’t even reached the inciting incident! We’re still in Act I! Uggggh making a comic all by yourself is hard, you guys.

Honestly, this little section is still a good two pages longer than it needs to be. I’m being a bad story artist here, but I have to admit the main reason those extra pages stayed in is because I really wanted to keep this dumb drawing of Jasper stuffing his face. He’s such a dour, sad little character for so much of Chapters 1 and 2 that I really wanted to show some of the messiness that makes up the Real Jasper, when he’s not being crushed under the weight of his own anxiety. In fact, Panel 5 is basically a glorified redrawing of one of the very first drawings of Jasper, ever:


It’s really indulgent and silly and I should go to story confession to absolve myself of this story sin.

*The story stuff of that lost scene will come into the story at a later point. At least, it will unless I massively drop the ball on rewrites, because it has Consequences down the line.