First things first! I wanted to provide y’all with a map for where I’m gonna be at ECCC this weekend! My booth number is L-12A in Artist Alley!

TGS convention map image

Oh, and if I forgot to mention it before, thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for my Pacific Coast trip after the con from Seattle to Los Angeles. Looks like it’s gonna be a whole lot of natural beauty and . . . I’m really hoping . . . some good food. If anyone has any other suggestions for coastal adventures–or Portland adventures, since that’s the one city I’m stopping in–let me know!

Moving right along, today marks the start of Chapter III: The Good Intentions Paving Company, named after one of my favorite Joanna Newsom songs:

And I regret, I regret–

How I said to you, honey, just open your heart

When I got trouble even opening a honey jar

And that right there is where we are

This is a chapter about people trying to help other people. Results . . . to be seen.