ECCC is over! I am tired but here are two important pictures you need to see from it!


I got to meet Vicar Amelia in a beautiful Hyde cosplay! Please ignore my puffball hair and no make-up, I’d just lugged 50 lbs of books up a hill.

ECCC2Beautiful traditional media Hyde fanart by Alise Gluskova! She also gave me some Latvian candies.

So this was my first four-day con and honestly I am not sure I have the stamina to do one again in the near future!! (My best experience is still TCAF, a nice two-day convention.) Plus my Kickstarter run of Bleeding Heart is perilously close to selling out, and I haven’t decided yet whether to do another print run or not, so I don’t want to deplete my last reserves just yet (though it would free up some closet space–fyi you guys I keep all my shop merchandise in my apartment).